Professional Organizing Services

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Services Include:

Clutter removal

For those really messy areas, we will de-clutter it; sort through everything; help you discard unwanted or unnecessary stuff; establish a place to put things you’re keeping; and put everything in its place.

Closet design / organization

We organize any type of closet to make it functional and easy to find what you’re looking for.

Kitchen design & organization

We’ll make every cabinet, cupboard, drawer, and pantry functional.


Our aim is to make your garage an extension of your home, creating an orderly garage environment where you can easily store and find items easily.

Re-locations / moving

We can make your moving experience stress-free and uncomplicated. We will handle any or all phases and tasks involved with moving — from packing to unpacking to organizing everything in its new place.

Estate / Garage Sales

Our specialized team helps handle all aspects of planning and presenting an estate sale, yard sale, or garage sale.

Paper management

We set up and help you manage your papers using customized paper-flow systems that allow you to control paper, establishing organizing solutions to manage your paper more effectively and efficiently.

Filing systems

Our method uses a proven subject classification system that is easy for anyone to store and find documents easily.

Donation Drop-Off

We won’t let those designated items for donation sit in your garage or trunk. We will take everything with us to the donation center of your choice. Some that we recommend, because of the nature of their business, are: ACT Shelter and the Salvation Army.